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Challenge 010 - 2010's Dresses

THEME: 2010's Dresses
This Ch is an Actresses Challenge :)
You Don't NEED show the whole dress on your icon


-> You must join the community to participate in our challenges.
-> The icons must comport with LJ standards.[ no bigger than 40 KB, 100x100, JPG GIF or PNG format ]
-> Animation is NOT allowed.
-> You can't post your entries anywhere else until winners are announced
-> Your icon must be new especially for this community
-> You may submit up to 4 icons.
-> You may use ONLY the pictures provided
-> Submit your icons in a host, with the HTML code and the URL like this:

-> All entries will be screened.
-> rules post HERE

*click for full size*

submissions ends on Friday August 20, in 10 pm são paulo time zone

[icons: 29/entries: 08]
Tags: challenge 010
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